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Non Disclosure

The team at (Rapid Prototypes) hereby acknowledges the receipt of and for valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged) agrees to hold in trust and confidence all Information as described below which is received from its customers. Rapid Prototypes shall treat any Information acquired with the same care and exercise as in handling its own confidential information and shall not disclose any Information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever without the prior consent of the customer, which consent may be arbitrarily withheld.
“Information” shall mean all materials including designs, plans, specifications, documents, financial statements, price lists, ideas, whether in written or oral form provided by the customer, all of which are of a confidential/proprietary nature to customer and/or its affiliates or subsidiaries.


The website and the quoting functionality are provided as a service for our current and potential customers. In accepting this agreement, you are agreeing that your use of the site is for the express purpose of one or more of the following:
• learning about our services and capabilities
• determining pricing for parts
• having your parts built by us

Privacy Policy

We keep all of your contact information confidential and will not share it with any third parties. Your e-mail address will be used only to contact you regarding order information or with other general information about our site or services. Any general contact will be limited to no more than once per month.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the prototyping business creating parts based on a customer’s design refunds will not be accepted and the sole liability lies with the designing party. Parts will only be rebuilt in case of obvious material or compound issues within our margin of control. 3D Printing is a method to design parts and components rapidly and with tight tolerances. However if your part requires moving or matching parts please ensure that you design your part with a tolerance of at least 0.25mm.

Shipping Policy

Orders placed between Monday and Friday before 3pm  are shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed after 3:00 pm on Friday will be shipped the following week. If for any reason we cannot fulfill your order within 24 hours, you will be contacted by email or phone and alternative arrangements will be made.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfill your order within a satisfactory amount of time, you will have the option to cancel your order at no charge.

Unless otherwise specified, uses Canada PostUnited States Postal Services and UPS for all shipments. Accurate shipping quotes are provided in real time based on your shipping address and the dimensions and weight of your order. All items are shipped from our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada.

Processing Currency

All prices on our website are in Canadian dollars.