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Jun 20

VIDEO: 3D Printing a Part with Moving Parts

We’re excited to announce that 3D Printing is now available in the Lower Mainland. 3D printing lets you create solid, fully functional 3D objects from your CAD files. 3D printing is used to describe the process of creating three dimensional objects from digital file using a materials printer, in a manner similar to printing images…
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Adjustable 3D wrench
Jun 11

3D Printing: A Quick, Cost Efficient Way to Go From Ideas to Prototype

One of the biggest problems facing Research and Development departments the world over has been the cost of turning ideas into accurate, flawlessly designed prototypes to attract investors.   The traditional, retroactively named “subtractive” manufacturing process was slow and very expensive, and if any mistakes were made it could have spelled financial disaster for a company…
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Apr 23

The Proto Before The Type

I am sure we all wish we could definitively state which came first “The chicken or the egg”.  Unfortunately there is no patents or prototypes for chicken and eggs so that is one mystery and debate that may forever go unsolved.  Lucky for us however in the age of rapid prototypes and ever advancing computer…
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Rapid Prototyping Vancouver
Apr 16

3D Printing Vancouver

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of creating a solid object from a digital file using a materials printer.  Consecutive layers of material are laid down in order to create said object.  3D printing technology is used as a rapid prototype manufacturing process in several industries, such as industrial design, footwear, jewelry, architecture,…
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Apr 11

3D Printing Saves You Time and Money

3D printing is bringing what used to only be available in science fiction films and comic books, into a reachable place for individuals and businesses of all sizes. As this technology becomes more affordable and widely available, it is changing the way that manufacturing is taking place, especially in the world of rapid prototyping and…
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CNC Machine
Mar 16

Helping you Innovate

As product development cycles are continually shortened, the product design team has a higher risk of making a mistake. Will manufacturing have trouble making dies or molds that achieve difficult features? Will production be defect-prone? Will customers like the final product? Product design is becoming a more iterative process. Changes and improvements can be made…
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